My personal dotfile config
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Table of Contents

  1. Dotfile Configurations
    1. Things that need fixing in this repo [2/3]

Dotfile Configurations

  1. Bashrc

    My bashrc config complete with a bunch of useful aliases and color prompt setup. There are numerous files involved.

  2. Emacs

    My emacs config which is currently set up for org as well as Javascript & Python development.

  3. i3 Window Manager

    My config files for i3wm. Includes a custom lock screen and more. There are some dependencies, though. You can see them as executables in the config file. Uses i3blocks for status bar.

  4. Tmux

    My tmux configuration with some keybind changes (for Vim-like navigation) as well as theming.

  5. Vim

    A vim setup for JS and Python development as well as a ton of themes. Packages are handled with vundle.

TODO Things that need fixing in this repo [2/3]

  • Write documentation for i3
  • Update Tmux documentation (no more vim directional navigation)
  • Convert .emacs into an org config loader